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When you booked your ticket, you probably got a confirmation number. At the airport explains the purpose of an airport and the steps people take to get on an airplane before traveling. Do these exercises to help you learn words to talk about air travel. Vocabulary for airport situations esl worksheet by perus. Choose from 500 different sets of airport vocabulary flashcards on quizlet. Airport vocabulary cloze exercise karin and ken were going to atlanta. If travelling without bags then be at the gate 20 minutes before the flight departs.

The gate is the door you go through to enter the airplane. This worksheet includes useful phrases and words related to common situations at the airport. Going to an airport and flying on a plane can be scary and stressful when you are learning english. This english language exercise introduces essential airport vocabulary. Learn english online free exercises and explanations, tests, vocabulary, teaching materials on english as a foreign language. Fluentu takes realworld videoslike music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks. Elementary listening at the airport esllounge student. Attention passengers of united airlines flight 880. English lessons about at the airport and areoplanes. Welcome to esl printables, the website where english language teachers exchange resources. Here are a few announcements you might hear while you are at the gate, waiting for the plane to board. English conversation practice for tourists at the airport 2 at the checkin desk esl printables grammar tests vocabulary training listening comprehension reading comprehension other esl tools.

But whether you are planning to travel to a frenchspeaking destination or not, today well be sharing with you a list of vocabulary and phrases related to airports. English lessons about at the airport and areoplanes a list of all the english lessons about at the airport and areoplanes when you have decided which lesson about at the airport you want to view just click on the lesson of your choice. Here you can find at the airport interactive and downloadable worksheets. English for tourism dialogues worksheets small talks agendaweb. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach airport vocabulary, shared by english language teachers. When you arrive at the airport and look for departures.

The teacher can dictate the words from page 2 of the pdf in random order or give the. Preintermediate vocabulary multiple choice exercise 5. At the airport worksheet includes a lot of useful phrases connected with the topic as well as three exercises to practice the phrases and the vocabulary. Talking about hotels and restaurants 11 the sleepy time hotel 276 winding blvd, tahoe city, california 96145 530 5553344. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and much more. They will predict vocabulary, listen to the conversation and roleplay the. Feel free to leave a comment if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions to make to improve this lesson. When you go to the airport, you first need to check in. This page lists english words and phrases used in the international airline industry. I usually travel alone, but my family sometimes comes with me. At the airport vocabulary pdf to download and print this free english vocabulary list, click here. Students are to match the halves of the phrases to make meaningful sentences, they also have to rearrange the dialogue. Can you imagine how confusing it could be when youre in a foreign airport where people are communicating only in french. Everyday conversation at the airport between passenger and airport staff.

Learn airport vocabulary with free interactive flashcards. The worksheet has transcription and the place for translation. Informative photographs support the text to maintain students interest. Aviation english vocabulary exercises blair english. The repetitive word pattern, simple sentence structure, and highfrequency vocabulary make this an enjoyable book for early emergent readers. For international flights, you are required to present your passport, but for domestic flights only a photo id is required. Home page vocabulary preintermediate multiple choice exercise 5 multiple choice exercise 5 for each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best and write the correct letter into the empty box. Even if you know a lot of english words, it may be hard to understand all the new words you will.

If youre planning a trip, and would like to learnpractice common english phrases used by travelers, we offer 60 free exercises that will help you do this. Eight pages of activities related to airports and air travel vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. See more ideas about learn english, teaching english and english vocabulary. Focus students attention on the photo and elicit what it shows.

Airport checkin teachingenglish british council bbc. On board youre allowed one bag per person maximum 7 kg. The english learning lounge free apps on both apple and android. That is why we put together this list of english airport vocabulary words. The large machine that flies people from one airport to another airport is called a 9. The part of the plane where you can keep your small bags and baggage is called the. List of vocabulary items related to travelling means of transport vocabulary vocabulary, natural dialogues and games about transport verbs and phrasal verbs to do with transport. Spanish airport vocabulary reference, presentation and flashcards this presentation contains the following. Aviation english vocabulary exercises below you will find listed all the different exercises that you can do to learn or improve your aviation english vocabulary on blair english. The lesson plan includes a listening activity with the option to play animated video clips representing the different transport situations. English esl airport worksheets most downloaded 70 results.

Vocabulary worksheets printable exercises pdf handouts. It consists of 3 parts grammar, reading and vocabulary. In this lesson, students learn vocabulary related to public transport as well as practical expressions to use at a train station, in a taxi and at an airport checkin desk. English conversation practice for tourists at the airport 2. Click on a category and listen to the different words. A listening exercise involving a conversation between a clerk and a passenger at the checkin counter at the airport. These exercises have been designed to help pilots and air traffic controllers to learn and improve their aviation english vocabulary. In the airport when you go to the airport, you first need to check in. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Each word is shown with its contextual meaning and an example sentence. A traveller and merchant, he was one of the first europeans to travel across asia and into china. These vocabulary words will help you at the airport and on the airplane. Travel englishenglish for tourists welcome to our travel english section. If youve got bags to check, be at a bag tag counter no later than 30 minutes before departure.

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