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Page 1 of 10 jim venetos swing posted in golf instruction. With channel lock, jh says you never swing in front of you, you swing sideways of you. Get into your regular, fullswing address position, but without a. Thanks to fellow forum member down the hatch, i tried out a new swing today, if you youtube it its jim venetos golf. I wonder if that will stop it going quite as far left. In this lesson, break out your putter and learn the fundamentals of putting. It is in the jim venetos golf academy programs where golfs revolution is happening. Basically its pre setting the impact position and swinging round it. I have switched to the jim venetos swing and i am hitting the ball better than ever. A simple drill for perfect ball position and pure strikes.

He cant hit anything between the driver and the 4 iron consistently and everything from the 4 iron down is flighted like a punch shot. The recent post by brad bjornfree opened my eyes for the first time to the jim venetos swing and i was dumbfounded to see a person telling me that closing the body down and standing still was a good way to play golf. An iron back swing goes up higher and in comparison chops down on the ball, whereas a driver back swing comes up a bit lower more in line with your right shoulder kind of. I believe these two combinations and bring some wonderful results. How does the jim ventos swing work with the driver. We also look at what aspects of the swing remain the same with driver and iron, as well as look at how amateurs typically have trouble making these adjustments. I am excited to share my latest lesson on curious, how to putt like a pro.

For the former, jim venetos recommends users moved to better player irons, regardless of how long they have been playing, to stop hooking by decreased offset. No distance control, no consistency, and he literally cant pitch a ball. Jim will show you the set up position that will allow you to maintain stillness of weight throughout your swing so that you can quickly master your long game, short game and putting game. Most manufacturers will create clubs with a swing weight in the d0 to d2 range. Posted by jim venetos golf academy september 17, 2014. A driver is a completely different animal and from what i understand, does actually need a different swing. If you watch some of the other videos, he mentions hitting driver. Only altswing i have ever tried was don trahans peak performance gs. The measurement of swing weight is expressed in a letter af and number 09 combination. Instead, we have 14 clubs to choose from, mostly made up of irons of different lengths and lofts. A swing weight measuring machine image via golfsmith example, a golfer must then exert more force to swing the golf club. I found that with hybrids and irons, it makes me steep, and i hit a lot of fat shots. In fact, all you really need to do is adjust things at setup to account for the length and ball being teed up. Before you overthink this, know that hitting a driver vs.

For example, the golfers who are good at hitting the woods are generally not as good at hitting their irons. My 7 iron which i used for my 120 to 5 yard show is now 140 to 155 with ease. The difference between driver and irons powerscourt golf. After setting up a little differently for the driver, we are going to make a few slightly different moves than in the iron swing. I was thinking about what you wrote bg while i was cleaning my clubs this morning. Today, i only use it for my driver swing, and it works well. While working on my new jim venetos setup, i was ready to send him a video for. I struggle with weight transfer being a left playing right i just cant get onto my left side in time and end up casting the club, ball goes straight left. My iron swing is now a blend of the ppgs and a regular rotary.

As ive mentioned before, its difficult to explain everything here. Because the driver is the longest club in the bag and the most difficult to hit, its absolutely imperative you swing in the proper sequence. I have never hit better iron and wedge shots in my life. Driver vs iron backswing after setting up a little differently for the driver, we are going to make a few slightly different moves than in the iron swing. But i met jim venetos as an independent golf instructor at crystalaire country club, my home course, him and i belong there as members.

Jim venetos swing page 7 golf instruction iseekgolf. This simple drill gives you perfect ball position for pure strikes with every club. The jim venetos golf method is the most effective technique there is. For those looking to use hybrids vs irons, this video on hybrid swing vs iron swing is for you. Home golf videos the jim venetos golf swing the jim venetos golf swing. My left hip has rotated in a counterclockwise direction more aggressively than it would with an iron. I had accepted the fact that if im 90 yards from the pin id do very well for an old man with my 9 iron. I say independent because he has something very special to teach the golf world communities. Over the last few episodes with one more on the way, jim venetos has been sharing his very compelling swing method that answers the biggest concerns of most amateur golfers. The hands should be even with the ball at impact, not in front of it as it is with an iron. Golf instructor teaching a simple, powerful, biomechanically sound golf swing through an online golf school at jim venetos instruction.

Page 7 of 10 jim venetos swing posted in golf instruction. In this video well cover differences in the two kinds of clubs and their swings, while improving key fundamentals. If you struggle with one aspect of your game, either off the. In the short time ive studied jims method, i now understand my swing, have dropped my handicap from a 14 to a 6.

For 20 years, jim venetos has been improving golf games world wide with his simple and revolutionary method of stillness in the golf swing. Golf instruction the mechanics for the full swing youtube. I have always said that there are two different swings in golf. Driver vs iron swing, the correct start position and swing in this golf tip we are going to look at the correct start position and swing for using a driver verses an iron.

Of course you can hit your irons far when you deloft them 2 clubs higher. Video with slow motion clips of the nontraditional jim venetos golf swing, another in our series of examining body friendly easiest swings in golf. Golf swing, golf lesson, golf instruction, easy golf swing, golf school, left go. One swing is the iron swing and the other swing is the wood swing. To be honest its hard enough to find time to practice and develop one swing let alone two different swings. I was interested in finding out the relative swing speeds of golfers based on their handicap level, so i had my friends over at swingbyte run an analysis. Make sure theyre in sync on the golf course with tony manzoni rip. The secret to hitting your driver better the left rough. Golf instructor teaching a simple, powerful, biomechanically sound golf swing through an online golf school at. Some instructors say that you should make the same swing with every iron, play the ball in the same spot and, lastly, expect the same results with each. One common mistakes that amateur golfers make is assuming that they can treat their iron golf swing the same as their driver golf swing. Even a competent average player might swing his 6iron at. Adjust your angle of approach to hit the fairway woods. Driver vs iron swing, the correct start position and swing.

In a perfect world, every shot in golf would be the same distance, and wed only have to use one club the whole round. Differences between the iron and driver swings in golf. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our top speed golf system. I like to combine the target focus of shawn clement, with the set position and stillness of jim venetos.

The two swings are actually rather different, and understanding those differences will go a long way toward playing better golf. There are limitations to the data gathering, calculations, etc. Initially, if we look at the two clubs, a driver and a 7 iron, you can clearly see that. Isnt this just a drill to promote a steep angle of attack with wedges and irons. So the reality is, iron swing, driver swing, i want you to try and feel the exact same body speed. Differences between the iron and driver swings in golf video by peter finch pete finch pga teaching proso now we know that the main fundamental building blocks are very similar between the iron and the drivers swing. The pivot is going to be more core driven, so the arms may set a little bit later. That doesnt mean with the driver, when everythings clicking, you cant ramp it up and make it pick up another five, six, seven miles an hour by swinging harder. The difference in the effect of the swings comes from the modification in our set up and the different design characteristics of the continue reading the difference between driver and irons. We took driver and 7iron swing speeds around 800,000 shots. The lpga tour trackman data didnt have numbers listed for a hybrid or 3iron. But all of these idea of a golf swing that i learned were from jim venetos. You let the swing unwind and unfold without you trying to force it from the top.

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