Nnel verbo gustar pdf

The verb gustar to like click anywhere on the page to see your answer with any incorrect letters replaced by the symbol. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. This lesson was created for my 7th grade exploratory spanish class. Coniugazione verbo gustar coniugazione verbi spagnoli in tutti i modi e tempi verbali bab. Fill in the blanks with the correct indirect object pronoun me, te, le, nos, les and the correct form of gustar, encantar, or interesar. The verb gustar in the spanish language, the verb gustar means to like something or like doing something.

You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Notice that the only forms of gustar that appear are gusta and gustan, even though a lot of different people like the things mentioned. In the english sentence i like the book, i is the subject and the book the object. Write the correct form of gustar and the correct indirect object pronoun. Ejercicios con pronombres reflexivos y reciprocos en lengua espanola. There is a blank space in each sentence and the viewer needs to decide whether gusta or. Observe com muita atencao o sujeito gramatical da frase. Gustar and verbs like gustar marlboro central high school. However, gustar is not formed like the regular verbs in spanish. The most common is gustar, which is the equivalent of to like, but functions very differently.

Gustar is similar to a reflexive verb, and it is most frequently used in the third person singular or plural. Just like nouns, infinitives can be used after a verb like gustar to say what you and others like to do. Practice your spanish grammar in this graded filltheblank activity that focuses on. This verb takes the indirect object pronouns me, te, le, nos, les in front of the conjugated verb form. See more ideas about teaching spanish, learning spanish and spanish lessons. Verbos reflexivos y reciprocos ejercicios pronombres. The lesson introduces the use of the spanish verb gustar in the first and second personal singular and involves vocabulary related to common activities and pastimes.

To say that you like something in spanish using gustar, you have to rearrange the words. Ejercicio 1, ejercicio 2, ejercicio 3, ejercicio 4, ejercicio 5, ejercicio 6, ejercicio 7, ejercicio 8. There is a group of verbs that are most frequently used with indirect objects. See more ideas about spanish, spanish classroom and teaching spanish.

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