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Billiards which snooker derived from was thought to be played as early as the 40s, with louis xi of france owning a billiard table in the 1470s. The name snooker comes from a comment chamberlain made about a player who missed a shot. Ask any snooker fan how long ronnie osullivan took to compile the fastest. Stephen hendry progress in balance despite 147 maximum break.

The history of snooker it is over 140 years since a young officer in the british army, experimenting on a billiard table, came up with the game we now know as snooker. A look at the total number of 147 breaks ever scored in snooker history. Oct 10, 20 ronnie osullivans first 147 break against mick price in their second round tie at the 1997 world championship set a stillstanding world record for the fastest maximum in the history of the game. The following year, cliff thorburn became the first player to make a maximum at the world snooker championship. This was the first break over 147 in professional snooker. Burnett made the break in the 14th frame of his match against leo fernandez. The ability to score century breaks is regarded as a mark of the highest skill in snooker, while the first. The official guinness book of world records holder is sean maddocks from. The best snooker break of all time was even faster than its. Ronnie osullivans fastest maximum in history was faster than. When steve davis achieved the first televised 147 in 1982, it was an unforgettable occasion.

Steve davis made the first televised 147 break maximum on 11th jan 1982 in the lada classic against john spencer. Who was the first player to score a televised 147 break in. Twenty years after osullivans maximum break against mick price in the first round of the 1997 world snooker championship, it was revealed. Snooker 147 features the ability to spin the ball and you can play alone, with a friend or with the artificial intelligence which have three difficulty levels. A maximum break is regarded as the highest possible achievement in a single frame of snooker, and is often compared to a ninedart finish in darts or a 300. The world snooker championship is the leading snooker tournament both in terms of prestige and prize money. One of the most successful players in the history of snooker, he has won snooker s most prestigious tournament, the world snooker championship, a record seven times in the modernera and holds the record for most seasons as world number one 9. Steve davis 147 1982 lada classic snooker first televised. Joe davis uk was the first snooker player to achieve an officially ratified maximum break in snooker, a feat that requires a player to pot all the balls on the table. His capture of the world championship title was watched by hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe, fans of a sport which began as an experiment by british army officers and became a hugely popular television attraction.

He not only sank every ball with unmatched grace and force, but did so in a record. History of all 147s maximum breaks in professional snooker. Apr 29, 2009 regarding the first ever 147 maximum break. In the 1950s snooker went into a period of decline and the. Mark selby made the 100th 147 break in the history of professional snooker on his way to beating ricky walden 95 in his uk championship semifinal. The first amateur snooker championship was staged during the great war. The maximum break in snooker is 147, also known as a maximum, a 147, or orally. The nugget also known as the ginger magician went on to dominate the 1980s and become one of the greatest ever snooker players and was still an elite player in 2010, but he never made another 147. First official 147 break in snooker guinness world records. History of snooker including how snooker was invented, how. April 1983 saw the first in a world championship by cliff thorburn and it took until december 20 for mark selby to record the hundredth maximum. After ding junhui produced the second maximum of his career at the uk championship, see the full list of 147 breaks here. The first officially recognised maximum break was made by joe davis in a. Mark allen overcomes nerves to make first 147 break at uk.

Stephen gordon hendry mbe born january 1969 is a scottish former professional snooker player and current commentator for the bbc and itv. He potted the brown as the extra red, then another brown followed by the 15 reds and all the colours. Stephen hendry wrote another chapter in the snooker history books on. He made a blue on the first red, a pink on the last one and another pink on one of the other reds.

London, that was recorded by the guinness book of records as the highest. The fastest ever 147 by ronnie the rocket osullivan watch ronnie the rocket osullivan hit the fastest ever maximum break 147 in only 5mins 20secs. Fastest match ever in the history of snooker 5 frames 5 centuries including a 147 by ronnie osullivan credit. Additionally, the program is equipped with a ball positioned so that you can set up the desired gamelayout and there is also a unique color blind feature. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. You can also read an in depth history of the game written by leading snooker journalists david hendon and hector nunns. Davis won the first 15 championships before retiring from the event, undefeated, after his 1946 success. Apr 30, 2017 the greatest break in snooker history is ronnie osullivans legendary 147 at the 1997 world championship.

In the lada classic at the queen elizabeth hall, oldham, steve davis made the first ever televised snooker 147. When steve davis achieved the first televised 147 in 1982, it was an. The autobiography by ronnie osullivan, the postbirthday world by lionel shriver, black. The first official 147 in a professional event was in january 1982 by steve davis. Find out more below about how it was first invented and the unexpected way the name snooker was given its name. Since the first competitive break of 147 in tournament play, made by steve davis back at the lada classic in 1982, there have now many more compiled since. The first televised 147 was in fact steve davis as others have already said.

What was the prize for the first televised 147 break answers. Arguably the most famous 147 break of all time from snooker s alltime most popular player, ronnie osullivan. Higgins is said to be one of the few players in snooker history to have. Who holds the record for the fastest 147 break in snooker. The history books have been rewritten multiple times over the last. The first to achieve the maximum break of 147 was e. A look at the total number of 147 breaks ever scored in snooker history, who made them and videos of the best ones. Ronnie osullivan becomes first snooker player ever to reach. The fastest ever 147 by ronnie the rocket osullivan. Watch as joe 15x undefeated world champion makes a splendid break of 100, commentary is by ted lowe. Dec 06, 2018 just ask thai snooker player, thepchaiya unnooh, who in 2016 missed the final black twice in the space of four months. The first official set of rules for snooker were drafted in 1882 at ootacamund in madras province. Steve davis made the first ever official 147 at the 1982 lada classic.

The first championship was held in 1927 and was won by joe davis. Nov 27, 2016 mark allen made his first tournament 147 on his way to beating rod lawler 64 at the uk championships as ronnie osullivan also reached the third round, beating rhys clark 60. The word snooker came into light when one of the opponents of chamberlain failed to pocket a ball and was called a snooker by chamberlain. Dec 12, 2018 john higgins has sensationally hit a 147 break in the second round of the scottish open in glasgow despite enduring a difficult time in his career. The first 147 break officially recognized in snooker, was made by murt odonoghue in australia on the 26th september 1934. Click download or read online button to get snooker book now. The 14times world champion achieved the maximum 147 points in an exhibition match against willie smith at leicester square hall in london on 22 january 1955. Playing an exhibition match against willie smith in 1955 at leicester hall in london, joe davis was the first person to achieve an accredited 147 break. In fact, if by definition, a sport is born once its rules have been officially formalised, snooker was 100 years old on the 11th december 2000. Sep 11, 2007 cliff thorburn from canada was the first to have a 147 at the world championshipsnot televised in 1983. A lot of snooker players go entire careers without a 147, osullivan is so good that he once got into a position where he could pot a 147 in theory, 20 shots down the line, just by looking at where the balls were on the table, like a chess master making one move and already seeing the end of the game 2 hours later he asked what the bonus.

Among the women kelly fisher had the longest winning streak in snooker history. In snooker, a century break sometimes referred to as a ton is a score of 100 points or more within one visit at the table without missing a shot and requires potting at least 25 consecutive balls. At the 2019 world championship the best players on the planet will be competing for a top prize of. Popular snooker books meet your next favorite book. A player by the name of murt odonoghue recorded the first ever maximum back in 1934.

The greatest break in snooker history was even better than anyone realized. History of snooker a timeline a lot has changed since snooker was first invented back in 1875 by members of the british army and you can now chart the development of snooker down the years via our unique timeline. How many 147 breaks in snooker have been made and who made. Mar 11, 2019 snooker legend ronnie osullivan uk has become the first snooker player to make 1,000 competitive centuries the fivetime world champion reached the landmark during the last frame of the players championship final in preston, uk, on sunday 10 march. Even though it is officially recognised by the snooker governing body, it was an exhibition match and not a competitive one. In 2020, judd trump became the first player ever to win in excess of. The first world snooker championship was held in 1927 and its organiser was joe davis. The first televised 147 break in snooker took place on january 11, 1982, achieved by steve davis against john spencer at the lada classic. Against qualifier mick price in the first round of the world championship, he produced perfect snooker to pot all 15 reds and colours in just five minutes and 20 seconds, which to this day no player is close to matching. The fastest 147 break in a professional snooker tournament is 5 minutes 8 seconds, achieved by ronnie osullivan uk on 21 april 1997 at the world snooker championship at the crucible theatre in sheffield, south yorkshire, uk. In the timeframe of sporting history, snooker is a modern game.

My autobiography by steve davis this is the story of a british sporting legend, in his own words. Fastest 147 break in snooker guinness world records. The maximum break in snooker is 147, also known as a maximum, a 147, or orally, a onefourseven. At the uk championship in december 20, mark selby achieved the 100th recognised maximum break in professional competition, while david gilbert made the 147th 147 in the championship league in january 2019. Published april 29, 2009 uncategorized leave a comment. Ronnie osullivan has scored the most century breaks in professional snooker tournaments. Ronnie osullivan has completed 15 maximum breaks from his first in the 1997 world snooker championship against mick price. Ronnie osullivan fastest 147 in history 5 minutes 8 seconds. The break, which came in his quarter final match against john spencer, was also the. There have been 155 maximum breaks made in professional tournament snooker, with. A player compiles a maximum break by potting all 15 reds with 15 blacks for 120 points, followed by all six colours for a further 27 points. Thats a perfect break, 15 reds with 15 backs followed by the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black in the time it takes ebdon to pick up his cue. He called him a real snooker, referring to his lack of experience, snooker being a slang term for a first year cadet.

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